I was able to really enjoy an active holiday in Bermuda following my course of physiotherapy treatment. I would like to thank you for your very human and sympathetic approach as a physio. I am sure that my back healed at least twice as quickly thanks to my sessions with you and I learnt a lot from you about correct posture, footwear and how to exercise safely and for meximum benefit. You challenged me to push myself but did not criticise me on my lack of fitness. Despite the painful massages I can even say I enjoyed coming to see you!

If I ever have a friend with a similar back complaint I will definitely send them your way.

K Lyons

For several years now I have been struggling to manage chronic migraines brought on by muscular and vascular problems. Having seen several physios, consultants and GPs, I finally came across Allison in July 2017 when I had entered an chronic migraine episode which threatened the end of normal life and my career. I was suffering with permanent symptoms and had lost significant sensation in my back.

After a thorough examination and checking various avenues, Allison was the first to fully diagnose what was triggering the problem and clearly explained to me the course of therapy she wanted to pursue. She expertly dealt with my GP guiding him through what specialists I needed to see. Additionally, as an expert in headaches and migraines she has built a strong network of consultants and medical practitioners who she is able to refer patients to.

As a result after years of suffering Allison was able to guide me to the right treatment which has finally broken the migraine cycle and enabled her to work with me and my PT to put in place a prevention and management programme.

I believe Allison is operating at the top level in her field as her depth of knowledge and experience enables her to quickly and accurately assess and diagnose the root cause not simply treat the symptoms. This is far and above what I have experienced from other physios.

I would highly recommend Allison particularly if you have tried several other avenues but have failed to obtain a diagnosis and treatment programme which can finally put an end to your back, neck and head pains.

C Mutter

She recognised I needed surgery on my two knees and referred me accordingly to a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. She subsequently guided me through the post op rehabilitation. She is both a remarkable Physio and amazingly qualified.
She has excellent manual therapy skills and is very intuitive in what my needs were. With Allison's treatment, I have made a full recovery and am able to continue in living a full life. I trust her knowledge and expertise. She is simply outstanding.

D Wyatt

Allison Swan is professional, knowledgeable and caring, offering a superb
personal physiotherapy service where the patient is always put first.
Allison goes that extra mile to ensure her patients understand the health
issues diagnosed and explains the underlying cause of the problem so that
the patient knows what needs to be corrected in helping to obtain optimum
fitness, whilst ensuring that the patient's treatment will help in the
interim and longer term; personalising an exercise program and management
of any future incidents. It's empowering!

A Kelly

Allison Swan has been my physiotherapist for some years, starting when I had back problems, and more recently after hip replacement surgery. Allison always listens to me as her patient, and is endlessly creative in finding ways to relieve pain and restore mobility. She is a caring and thoughtful professional.

G Hand